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Iyanuoluwa Adebayo

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My heart burns on this issue.

I can’t just look away, so I have to talk about it.

I hope I am able to balance my thoughts on this issue.


I know there was a time when war was the undertone of the season.

Big nations busy with the big fight for class and respect.

Then, came the real deal.

Started like a joke and took over everything.

Everyone was humbled and we all respected the season.

Nations  were taught life changing lessons.

And it became the general reason behind the season for all.

Then if you ask us reasons for all our actions.

We all put the blame on Covid-19.

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Covid isn’t a joke. It is a big deal.

It rendered many sectors useless.

It left many in tears.

Shortened the lives of many

I need you to understand the season we have found ourselves

We don’t need to remind ourselves how we got here, we are already here

Let us move on from the past and pay attention to this present to have a better future

Which will later become our present and this present a past.

The world has just been hit by an unexpected deadly virus which affected every sector.

Let’s talk about the economy

This deadly virus has eaten deep into the economy and has created serious hardship

Guys this economic hardship is more harmful to people with children.

Did my little research hmmm, it is really a tough time.

Folks in Africa to Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and other part of the word will tell you different experiences regarding loss of employment or income.

Let’s get something clear here;

Income factor alone, creates conflicts between partners due to stress, frustration, depression just because it complicates making future plans for the family.

This brings us to Family.

Yes family, father, mother and children.

The creation of a family leads to the creation of another family so the singles are not left out of this

A young man is in love with a lady and the lady is also in love with the young man.

Both of them have expectations of raising a family in marriage. Behold, a new family is created, the cycle continues just like that

So don’t think that IY is not talking to me.

Hey, single lad and lady, you are not left out, we are in this together.

We don’t have a choice, we found ourselves in this we will trash it.


Check this out – the outcome of an individual’s loss of job or income affects all family members, as they are all likely to suffer from such precarious circumstances, therefore, implying that economic crises hit more people than the ones directly involved.

Do you agree with me?

O yes, I’m happy we are on the same page.

So stay with me and let’s take a look at this together.

If the fall of one man can affect others, consider those that died during this ongoing world pandemic.

Bread winners of various families are gone.

The hopes of many are dashed.

Many are giving up because ‘hanging-on’ is a mountain.

Truth be told, there is hardship everywhere,

I know Christians may say a capital NO because there is a Capital G who is dependable.

I agree and I tell you I am in it with you and I am not here to say, you are wrong,

That’s simply faith and I am in total submission.

But that is not to say that there is no hardship in the world at the moment.

This hardship encompasses both the current economic hardship and people’s uncertainty of the economic future as a result of income loss, unemployment, job instability, and economic insecurity.

No wonder dad is always harsh and mum is becoming tough.

I mean really tough

I’ve not done anything serious and mummy is already yelling at me!!!

Yes, am I saying your mind young girl, young boy?

I am sorry to let you know that parental stress and depression leads to more inconsistent, unsupportive, harsh parenting practices.

The reduction of quality parent–child interactions, in turn, leads to emotional and schooling problems in children.

So, am I right to say; this hardship has no respect for age.


This is where we are.

For the audio version of this article, click the link https://cutt.ly/cfBh5MX


In the tunnel of the attack of Covid-19 are words that get me tired.

Like ‘New Normal’, ‘Social Distancing’, ‘Unprecedented’, ‘Uncertain’ ,’Trying Times’ ,’Speaking moistly’, ‘Essential’ and so on.

So sad this is how we have to roll, we have to get used to it.

Maybe at some point in your life, you’ve had to endure some form of hardship, calm down, rest your heart a little, we all have.

If everyone will be given time to talk about what they have passed through or what they are passing through, then we will not end this topic.

So come closer and kindly listen to me.

Black skinned or white skinned; it is time to shoulder in.

This is not the time to form class.

This is not the time to look into the eyes of your fellow brother and feel threatened by his color.

This is not the time to hate your sister.

This is not the time to see your neighbor dying and look away.

This is not the time to take someone’s life for the sake of making more money.

This is not the time to make others cry because of your selfish interest.

It is time to shoulder in.

What do I mean?

It is time to make yourself available for the progress of others.

You should be a reason why someone will not commit suicide.

You should be a reason of hope for others.

Be available in your own little way for others.

I know we all have one challenge or the other we are facing in Time.

But if we give each other hope of living by loving each other, we will be a help to someone and someone will definitely be a help to us.

So shoulder in.

Shoulder in my brother, shoulder in my sister

We all get to a point in our lives when we need someone to lean on.

Covid-19 has gotten us here. Let us leave no one behind.

It is time shoulder in


Michael Bolton version of Bill Withers’ song “Lean on me”.

Are you capable of making someone smile? Do it with joy.

Can you help put food on someone’s table? Do it with joy.

Can you shift a little for someone to have a seat and be hopeful? Do it with joy.

What can you do without much stress to make the world a better place?

We have a lot to deal with –

Lack of economic opportunity and unemployment;

Safety, security, well-being;

Low quality of education;

Good food and water;

Government accountability and transparency I mean corruption;

Religious and tribal conflicts;


Inequality in income and discrimination

Large scale conflict I mean war

Climate change, we destroy nature;

And many more!

So, will you look away from all these and keep saying “NO” to people who need help?

Can you please help in the little way you can?

Can you please say yes to someone’s need?

Can you please…?

I hear someone say:

I would have loved to help but what if I am helping the wrong person?

What if this person is only lying to collect the little I have to offer?

What if this person is even an enemy?


Let’s slow it down a little guys

At this point we need to get some things right.

You need direction.

You need to be able to discern.

You should be able to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment.

God gives different gifts to His children. He gives the power to perform miracles, ability to prophesy, ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another spirit.

That is God for you.

You need HIM to guide you in everything because there is a difference between give-away and sowing.

I am not saying you should waste your resources but please give with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in you.

The pandemic has left us with more issues to deal with than normal.

It has given us  new normal.

It is time to start rebuilding and rebuilding starts with you.

So it is time to shoulder in.


For the audio version of this article, click the link https://cutt.ly/cfBh5MX


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